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Date: 5/26/2022
Subject: Copy of Class proposals for class request
From: Jeanette Mahoney

Attention upcoming class instructors:
Hi, we have a little update to the email I sent out the other day.   I added a different link for contact on the bottom.    I hope if you are interested in giving a class that you will give it a try.   It is a bit of work, fun and very rewarding.  We are so lucky to have this facility to offer classes.   We even have a well know artist coming in this summer from Canada to take advantage teaching here.


We have information about teaching in our classroom on the Instructors page. We are in the process of preparing the brochure for the Summer 2022. 


Check the calendar for open days.  Select Event Calendar from the ASA home page.  Click, "switch to grid view" to see the entire month.  We are having open studios on Tue, Wed and Thursdays.   But weekends are available.   Now is a great time to offer children’s classes, too, while kids are on summer break.


Please submit a class proposal to us and we will get your class on the calendar.   (Also, we will need several images of the subject of your class for the brochure and the website)


Class proposals can be submitted at any time to  and we can add them to the website. BUT, if you want the class to appear in the July, August & September printed brochure, those proposals must be submitted by the evening of Wednesday June 1st.


If you would like to submit a class proposal but haven't done so yet, please fill out a Class Proposal Form 2020 (you need to be signed into the website to use this link).  If you are unable to see the proposal form using the link, you can request a copy of the form be emailed to you by emailing either:

                our Classroom SchedulerJeanette Mahoney

                               or Ruth Hugeback 


We're looking forward to hearing from you.