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Date: 6/26/2022
Subject: Update Spring Re-Hang
From: Kathy Cope







Dear members,

It's time again to submit your beautiful art for our Beachstone Gallery rehanging.  But first a couple of things; I'm sorry to have to say that we have lost out Gallery Coordinator.  JoAnn has decided that after several years of serving in this job, she wants to move on to other pursuits...which we can all completely understand, however we are still very sad.  so if any of you think it might be a job you could or would consider, please contact me.  And please also consider helping out some at this next re-hang, which will take place the week of July 3rd culminating into a reception on Friday July 8th.  For new members and members with short memories, let me review Gallery rules for displaying your art in Beachstone Gallery:


1.  To qualify as a "member with display privileges" you must be up to date in the payment of your ASA membership fees of $50.00. This not only qualifies you to participate in the quarterly Gallery hangings but secures a bin for matted art pieces and a shelf on the card gallery, In addition you will have the privilege of becoming a Featured Artist for one month out of the year, giving you free publicity in local publications and the use of the mantel area for your art display during your chosen month. 

2.  Art intake will begin Friday, July 1st and continue through Monday July 4th.  All artwork needs to be at the Gallery by 5:00 pm on Monday evening and will not be accepted after that.  If circumstances are such that you need to make a special arrangement to bring your work to the Gallery outside of that schedule, please call me at the number below to discuss.  

Please refer to the Gallery Rules and Regulations found in the member's section under the Beachstone Gallery area, for any additional questions/answers.


3.  Your art must have the required hanging hardware attached to the piece. (no saw tooth hangers) We will not accept bulky, or heavy pieces to be hung on the walls due to liability concerns for your art and others' safety.

Please place your protected art under the copy machine, in the Intake room area, in marked space, or, on available tables in the Studio if there is room. There will be a table with instructions and items you will need to use. Fill out your forms following the instructions. If you had art in the previous show, remove it at that time and take it home, we do not keep/store your past art pieces. We can rehang your last art, be sure to remove it from the former wall area, add a note to the piece with that "request", and put it on a table or intake area. Do not forget to check it out and back in, on the forms, for the April hanging.

The current guidelines are as follows: 3 pieces of small art (up to 9" X 12"); 2 pieces of medium-sized art (up to 16 X 20), one small and one medium; or 1 piece of generously sized art (up to 36 inches on one side).

4.   A table will be set up at the back of the room with forms and labels.  The ASA Hold Harmless form must be updated annually.  Use the intake form to record artwork that is being brought in or taken out.  Each piece of artwork needs to use the small label filled out and taped to the back of your piece to be used by the Co-op when a sale happens for recording purposes. We also have beautiful new display labels that are edged in black so that we no longer need to use the black background paper.The surface of the lavel is shiny and smears easily so please use the fine line permanent markers that are provided.
5. Current guidelines are as follows: 3 pieces of small art (up to 9" x 12"), 2 pieces of medium art (up to 16" x 20"), 1 piece of larger art (up to 36" on one side).

We will strive to display your art in a pleasing manner. Only the gallery committee is permitted to organize or display art. If you have questions or suggestions for the committee, please contact the gallery chair. No additional display equipment may be brought into the Gallery unless arranged through the Gallery chair. Please note: Members may not move any art (their own or others) once the display is hung up by the Gallery chair/chairs.

Thank you, let's make a colorful Summer Splash in our Beachstone Gallery!


 from the Gallery Committee...Kathy Cope, acting Chair  541-264-9222