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Date: 7/19/2022
From: Artists' Studio Association

Don’t miss out on a fun way to meet ASA members and talk about art at the monthly ASA CRITIQUE GROUP.


At our  last meeting in June, we had a friendly conversation about our art work.  I came away with some new ideas to make my art work better. It's a fun way to meet ASA members too.

ASA invites all members to join conversations about art; including yours. The critique group  next meeting is coming right up on Tuesday, July 26th at 5PM.


Helpfull Tips:

Do you feel you need some tips on how to participate in a critique group? Catherine Hingson shared an article from “Inside Art” that included the following tips on talking about art with other artists:

  • Make  it a conversation. Here’s a good chance to practice listening.
  • Aim to provide (and ask for!) actionable feedback.
  • Identify and brainstorm solutions rather than problems.
  • Use “I”
  • Be specific, not vague
  • Ask questions instead of pronouncements


I hope to see you there,


Tory McOmie


The ASA art critique group meets from 5-6PM the last Tuesday of each month,

Tuesday, July 26th is our next meeting. 

At 6PM you can stay for the monthly ASA members potluck.

The group is open to all mediums and all skill levels of artists. 

It's FREE to all ASA members 

You do not need to sign up in advance.

Bring one or two pieces of art that you would like to share with the group.